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Local Self Build Register - Associations - Base Period 7

Welcome to the Local Self Build Register

The Local Self Build Register is the leading national hub for people and groups to register their interest in self build, custom build and community-led housing.

We act in two ways:
  • As a service to enable local planning authorities across the UK to compile their local self build and custom build registers and assess demand for custom and self build homes
  • As a catalyst for change, helping create more opportunities for these types of housing through publishing regional and national statistics on demand
By leaving your group's details here, you will be helping to make more serviced plots available in the areas you want to build in and to create the momentum for more people-led housing, not only in your area of interest but right across the country.

We are working with some, but not all, local authorities in England. When you fill in your details here we will let you know whether the local authorities you have selected are using this service. If you select any local authorities that are not using our service, we will notify you of this and let you know how to register with them directly.

If you don't select any local authorities that are using our service, you will have the option of discontinuing your registration or you can choose to leave your details with us anyway so that you can count towards our national assessment of self build and custom build demand and have the option of receiving further news, information and opportunities via the Local Self Build Register mailing list.

Legislation requires Associations to meet certain eligibility criteria for registration in England. The criteria questions are included at the start of the registration process. Local authorities are also allowed to introduce their own additional criteria. These may include:
  • A connection with the local area (e.g. your group's members have lived or worked there for a minimum period of time)
  • Proof that your members have access to sufficient finances to take on a project
  • Payment of a fee to the local authority for entry onto their register
If your Association meets the criteria for one or more local authorities, they will add you to Part 1 of their local register and your details will count towards the number of self build plots they are expected to make available. If you meet all the criteria except for the local connection test, local authorities will hold your information in Part 2 of their register and won’t directly take your details into account when allocating plots, although your information may still help to inform policies on self build and custom build in their area.

Councils in England are not legally obliged to take your information into account if you don't meet the criteria. Different rules apply to councils in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and our service does not currently cover these areas. However if you don't meet the criteria for England, or if you are interested in building in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can still register with us if you would like your details to count towards our national self build and custom build survey. We will hold your information securely and it will contribute to anonymous statistics which we will use to help encourage more of these types of housing across the UK. So please complete as many of the questions as you can.
In England, local authorities are legally required to operate a ‘Local Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Register’. This is a register of people and associations that are seeking to acquire serviced plots to build their own homes. Local authorities are required to take account of the information on this register in creating more opportunities for self and custom build in their area. So signing up to one or more of these registers could make it easier for you to access a plot of land in a place where you would like to build.

If you would like to apply to be put on the Local Register for one or more local authorities in England, we can help you. Some local authorities in England are using the Local Self Build Register to process applications for their own local registers. Others have set up their own registers separately. Either way, the Local Self Build Register will help you find the right place to register for the area in which you’d like to build.

When you register here you will be asked to select one or more local authority areas where you would like to build your home. If any of the local authorities that you select are using the Local Self Build Register, we will check whether you meet the relevant eligibility criteria. At the end of your registration you will receive a confirmation message to tell you whether you have been added to the registers of these authorities and/or whether any further action is needed to complete your registration.

Local authority registers are operated on an annual cycle, refreshed every year on 31st October. When you select a local authority that is using our service, your details will be placed on their register for that annual period. If you are placed on Part 1 of any local authority registers, those authorities will have to take your needs into account by granting planning permission for an appropriate number of serviced self/custom build plots within a three-year period. 

If you select any local authorities that are using their own independent registers, you will be informed of this and where relevant you’ll be directed to their own websites to complete your registration process with them.

The Local Self Build Register also helps by gathering information on the kind of project you’re interested in – regardless of how you register with your local authority. By leaving your details here, you will contribute anonymously to statistical reports such as national, regional and local summaries, demonstrating the kinds of homes and communities that people are really interested in building across different parts of the UK. We’ll use this anonymous data to help stimulate more opportunities – for example by seeking funding for particular project types or by helping local or regional organisations to understand what is needed to support self and custom build in their areas.

You’ll also have the opportunity to sign up to the Local Self Build Register mailing list, which can help you find out about self and custom build opportunities, what various local authorities are doing across the country and updates from the community-led housing sector. 
The Questions

To give a clear picture of your Association's needs, you’ll be asked to enter some detailed information about the current circumstances of the group as well as details including the size, price, timescale and design of the homes you would like to build. These questions are not compulsory and you can choose to skip over them if you wish. However by answering them you can help your authority understand your needs and find ways of addressing these needs. We will ask you to read and consent to our privacy notice before collecting any data from you that could lead to you being identified personally. 

If you are unsure about how to answer any of the questions, please don’t worry! Just choose the answer that seems like the best fit. If you need to, you can save your answers and come back later by selecting the 'Save and continue later' button at the top of each page.

If you need to review or change an answer on a previous page, you can click the 'BACK' button.


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